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Puppy SmileWe are a premium breeder of Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles. We are a family-owned and operated breeder. Our children are eager participants in helping to care for and train each of our litters and are always happy knowing they've helped bring happiness to other families.

We breed for health, temperament, and appearance. Our puppies can be found all over North America and have been making families delighted for a few years now. Our puppies are amazing companions, and they also excel in service, obedience, therapy, herding, and outdoor recreation.

Our Goldendoodle puppies make great family pets because we breed for health and their friendly outgoing personalities. Our puppies are raised in-home and socialized with adults and children.

The Goldendoodle was first introduced in 1969 and became popular around 1990 when breeders in Australia & North America crossed the Standard Poodles with Golden Retrievers. People who are visually impaired people with allergies were the reason that the idea to create this breed was developed. Poodles are hypoallergenic in nature and their coats never shed, which decreases the dander(skin cells that shed)that trigger allergic reactions in people.

The Goldendoodle is a designer dog by designation. Breeders crossed purebred Poodles with other purebreds in the late 20th century in an effort to create the Poodle's non-shedding coat in another dog (with no assurance they will acquire the Poodle coat) alongside various attractive features of other breeds noted The Encyclopedia Britannica. As for Goldendoodles, Golden Retrievers are viewed as an incredible family dog, the reason they have been utilized to crossbreed with Poodles. After some time, people made various types of Goldendoodles. A female Golden Retriever bred with a male Poodle creates an F1 Goldendoodle. A F1 Goldendoodle female bred with a male Poodle is called an F1B (F1-back cross). F2 Goldendoodles are male Goldendoodles reared with female Goldendoodles. There are three kinds of Poodles; Standard, Miniature, and Toy, which means Goldendoodles come in all sizes. We only focus on mini Goldendoodles that are 40lbs maximum as adults.

Even though most Goldendoodles do have a low to non-shedding coat,not all Goldendoodles show the hypoallergenic coat type of the Standard Poodle. The Goldendoodle shows less shedding than other dogs, while the level of shedding changes from dog to dog, in general, the Goldendoodle shows less shedding than different pooches. Grooming requirements incorporate regular hair cuts, washing, and brushing. Because of insignificant shedding, Goldendoodles will, in general, have less dander, diminishing hypersensitive reactions.

The 3 main coat types are the straight coat, the wavy coat, and the curly coat. The Golden Retriever has a straight flat coat that the Goldendoodle can pickup. When you blend the Golden Retrievers' straighter coat with a poodle's curls the result is the wavy coat type. The last coat type is curly. It will more closely resemble a Poodle.

A Goldendoodle's size will be the result of its Golden Retriever and poodle parents' size. Standard, medium, and miniature are the sizes that Goldendoodles come in. We only breed for miniature. A standard sized Goldendoodle will weigh 60 to 100lbs when adulthood is reached. A medium Goldendoodle will weigh somewhere in the range of 30 and 45 pounds and a smaller than normal Goldendoodle will weigh roughly 15 to 30 pounds. The standard in stature at the shoulder for a male Goldendoodle is around 24-26 inches. For females, it is 22-23 inches. Frequently, taller Goldendoodles acquire more from the golden retriever and will weigh significantly more. It is extremely normal for the Goldendoodle to acquire the "golden retriever bump" on his/her head.

Normal coat hues incorporate white, cream, apricot, gold, red, and at times gray and black (likewise called phantom). Goldendoodles may likewise be black, a light sandy brown, or merle.

Established breed associations, like the AKC, the UKC, and the CKC, don't recognize this hybrid, nor any other designer cross, as a breed. Be that as it may, some major kennel clubs do acknowledge the registration of crossbreed and mixed-breed dogs for performance events, such as agility and obedience, such as the Continental Kennel Club. The Continental Kennel Club will acknowledge and allow a pedigree on a Goldendoodle as long as the parents have registration.

The F generational designation gives an understanding of a canine's linage and how much Golden Retriever or Poodle is in the blend. An F1 (original) is the immediate offspring of a Golden Retriever and a poodle giving half Golden Retriever and half poodle blend. An F2 (second generation) is the offspring of two F1 Goldendoodles which likewise gives a half Golden Retriever and half poodle.

Breeders can create a higher percentage of curly and soft coats found in the poodle by breeding an F1 Goldendoodle back with a Poodle which is known as backcrossing. This is an F1B Goldendoodle which is 25% Golden Retriever and 75% Poodle. An F2 Goldendoodle can be bred back with a poodle giving F2B offspring that are 25% Golden Retriever and 75% Poodle. On the other hand, F2B can refer to the offsprings of an F1B parent with an F1 parent, bringing about 37.5% Golden Retriever and 62.5% Poodle. Breeders can likewise deliver little Goldendoodles by breeding a miniature Poodle with a miniature Goldendoodle (a blend of a full-sized Golden Retriever and a miniature poodle). These F1B Goldendoodles weigh between 15-25 pounds. These are what we specialize in.

F3 generation, for the most part, is a catch-all for anything past the F2 with or without the "B" backcross marker.

Generation Designations

Offspring                         Parent 1                      Parent 2                           % Golden                   % Poodle

F1                               Golden Retriever                 Poodle                                50                              50

F2                                F1   Goldendoodle       F1 Goldendoodle                         50                              50

F1B                              F1   Goldendoodle              Poodle                                25                              75

F2B                              F1B Goldendoodle       F1 Goldendoodle                        37.5                           62.5

F2B                              F2   Goldendoodle              Poodle                                25                              75

A few breeders like us like to limit breeding to the original (F1) and original cross-back (F1B). This is done in an attempt to maximize genetic variety and stay away from the inherited medical issues that have plagued many dog breeds. With educated breeding, the Goldendoodle will, in general, be a fairly healthy dog.

Since 2005, Goldendoodles have been utilized as pets, agility dogs, guide dogs and other service dogs, therapy dogs, diabetic dogs, search dogs, and rescue dogs, as they have acquired the Poodle's intelligence and the Golden Retriever ease of training. Goldendoodles have likewise gotten progressively utilized as household pets because of their fondness towards families, just as their kind disposition and tolerance with kids and outsiders.

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