Upcoming Litters

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Keep a lookout for when you can make a reservation for one of our upcoming Litters

Beware – our litters are pre-booked and are sold-out even before they are born.


Puppies can be reserved from the day they’re born by litter order number. For instance, you can book like the first pick, second pick, and so on.


As soon as you make a booking, we will generate your invoice and you can make a deposit. You have to make the payment based on your picks if it's less than 4 weeks old. If during that time, you wish to make some change, you can change your selection based on coloring, etc. However, we will only be able to accommodate your change as long as the other puppy is not already reserved.


Puppies are delivered only after the age of 8 weeks or older.

New Mini Goldendoodle Litter

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